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Please scroll down to see some rare and unusually decorated Belleek Tea Ware Pieces.
Our sincere thanks to various ebay sellers, collectors and auction houses for allowing us to share these images with you

Echinus Armorial set

Superb crested Echinus part tea service First Black Mark

Rare blue finish to this Thorn Set

This stunning example of Belleek Thorn pattern finished with Blue and gilt. First Black Period.

Queens Institute honey Pot Base

Similar to the Cleary Pattern, here is a 'Queens Institute' Honey Pot Base which was sold recently on Ebay.
seller 10akelei

From Eddie and Linda Murphy's collection, First Period Jewelled Bone China Cup and Saucer

Marigold Decorated Shamrock Bread Plate

Shamrock Pattern blanks painted with rare Marigolds with 3rd Period marks. Shown here is the Bread Plate. E Bay Seller Mr Firswood

Above. Rare butterscotch colourway to Echinus Saucer above. E Bay seller irishcre

New Shell First Mark set

Celtic Oval Tea Pot

Above...Rare Oval Celtic Tea Pot set off with blue detailing..3rd Black Period

From the collection of the late Berdell Dickinson...our thanks to Rod Kearns for use of image.

Images © Copyright 2006
Rodney A. Kearns

Please note that this image carries copyright protection and remain the sole property of the photographer, Rodney A. Kearns.
You may contact Mr. Kearns using theemail address above


Belleek Archived Teaware Images

Ring Handle Celtic Set

Above...Rare to find complete with tea pot, Celtic Ring Handle Pattern....3rd Black Period

Low Celtic Tray Set

Above..Celtic Pattern complete with rare Tray....3rd Black Period

Tea Pot(not to scale) saucer,cup, echinus decorated.

Cup Saucer, Tea Pot,small in Echinus 1st mark

Echinus Sugar and Jug 1st mark in puce

Above...Rare Decoration of turquoise and gilt to Echinus set.


Below...Gilt and rich colours of red black and brown set off this Celtic D Set. E Bay Seller John88835

Celtic D pattern. v.rare

Below Superb Lace Tray set with rich gilt detailing, pattern number 2

Lace Set

Ring Handle Tray set

Art Deco Tridacna set

Highly decorated Ring Handle tea service top was featured as part of James D Julia's End of Summer Auction in Maine

USA between 22 and 24 August 2006, 2nd Black Mark to each piece. also 3rd period Deco Tridacna set immediately above in same auction

Erne Tea Set Blue

Rare Blue Colourway to Erne Tea Set above and Rare 'Fern Pattern' decoration to Ring Handle set below

Ring Handle Set 'Fern'

Thorn Cup and Saucer

December 2012 UK Group Raffle Prize Thorn Cup and Saucer Monogrammed... First Black Period

This very unusual Hexagon set produced for an event called the Four Masters Memorial Bazaar'   Athlone 1919 was purchased in the 1970's in San Fransisco as a complete set. we have tried to research this event but currently can find no information to tell us who or what 'The Four Masters' were. The outside circle reads "Dr. Miceal O'Cleir 15"  "(unreadable first name) O'Cleir 15" and 2 other names that cannot be read.  It's possible some of the writing is in Gaelic and names the 'Four Masters'. Our thanks to ebay seller g7bqs4r
Greek Plate Unpierced
Rare First Period 'Plain'Greek Plate without cut out border decoration

Rare Grass Egg Cup with lustre and gilt Decoration monogrammed 'Hold Fast' First Black Mark Ebay seller 1940boxbill

Finner tea Cup 2nd Black Victoria Cup and Saucer 2nd Black
Above...Finner 2nd Black Mark cup,pattern no33, thanks to April_antiques for image Above..Victoria Pattern Cup and Saucer 2nd Black Mark cup and saucer, thanks to ebay seller Hillgrovehouse
Thorn Jug Pattern No5, 1st Black High Lily Plate 2nd Black
First Black Period Thorn Milk Jug, 'Pattern Number 5' Our thanks to ebay seller Macingel for use of image Second Period Lily Tea Pot below found in a junk Shop in South Africa for £5.00.. above a rare Second Period Low Lily plate with blue tinted marking to rear

Our thanks to Jannie Van Heerden for sharing his 'good finds' with us

Pattern 36,rare. 2nd Black High Lily Tea Pot, 2nd Black
Above..Rare Pattern 36 Cup and Saucer, 2nd Black Period featured on ebay in 2005. Out thanks to Sovereign Antiques Adelaide,Australia  
Aberdeen Tea Pot Aberdeen part set 2nd Black
Rare Decoration to 2nd Black Period Aberdeen Tea Pot, Cream and Sugar sold on ebay. Our thanks to ebay seller meadowlanesshops  
Ring Handle pattern 345, 1st Black Bamboo Tea Pot 1st Black
A family heirloom, exceedingly rare Ring Handle pattern number 345. Our thanks to Robin and Maureen Wooton from the UK Group for use of image. 1st Black Period Rare Decoration to Bamboo Tea Pot
'Heart' Modern 1st Gold Decorated Neptune Cup and Saucer 2nd Black
Rare gold Mark 'Heart' Cup and saucer E bay seller Squarebiz99 Unusual decoration, Neptune set E bay seller psd2906
Hexagon Shamrock and Garland Hand Painted 2nd Black Tridacna Unusual Purple Lustre tint
.Hexagon set above and below, 'Shamrock and Garland' decoration. 2nd Black Markbay seller The Good Stuff.
1st Black mark Tridacna, rare purple lustre to cup interior E bay seller 'Inges Bazaar'
Garland/Shamrock decorated Hexagon 2nd Black Shannon 71 special plate
  Neptune Green Mark plate remodelled with additional Shamrocks and 'Shannon 71' to central panel..E bay seller Always 28
Grass set 1957 Grass set Green Mark
From 1957, Belleek re-introduction of Grass Ware for their 100th year celebration,showing the ability to recreate the look of early lustre finishes so typical of Grass Ware. It was possible to assemble a full tea set in this pattern E bay seller auc.addic. Note changes made to foot rim compared to early 1st and 2nd period examples
Thorn Tea Kettle 1st Black NewShell Plate 1st Black
Rare Thorn Kettle, Silver detail 1st period, pattern number 13 E bay seller Meadowlaneshops


1st period rare blue colourway to New Shell plate. E bay seller zzzlloltd
Rare Blue Hexagon 2nd Black Rare Blue Tridacna 1st black
Rare Hexagon blue tinted cup and saucer 2nd Black Mark E bay seller 'peri4al' Rare Blue tinted Tridacna Tea Pot 1st period E bay seller Londonantiques
Rare Cone Kettle Butterscotch tint Cone Kettle detail
Rare Butterscotch tint to Cone Kettle 2nd Black Period E bay seller Zel1

Rare 2nd Black Period High Lily Tea Kettle

New Shell Jug 1st Black Celtic Honey Pot 3rd Black
Rare Blue and Turquiose Creamer, 1st period E bay seller 2b4u2win Rare Celtic Honey Pot 3rd Black MarkE bay seller
Thorn Cup and Saucer 1st Black Thorn 1st period pattern no 1
Rare Thorn cup and saucer, colourway number 1 1st period E bay seller kbt11111
Echinus Cup and saucer Ring Handle Cup and Saucer
Rare decoration to Echinus cup and saucer, rare Whyte and Co Mark to base. rare red 1st period thanks to Dennis Auctioneers Rare Ring Handle set, pattern no.298 1st period E bay seller Londonantiques
Hexagon Poppies Decoration Saucer in detail
Rare Hexagon Hand Painted Poppy 2nd Black period E bay seller Danpankey image above and right Rare 2nd period Armorial Crested Ring Handle cup and saucer pattern no 2692nd period E bay seller eric grossmeyer below
Ring Handle set Detail to cup
Lace Cup and Saucer pattern 2 ace Saucer in detail<empty>
Lace Tea Ware with added gilt decoration to cup. Pattern number 2, 2nd Black Period Detail to saucer. E Bay Seller 'CatsCatsCats'
Muffin Dish Artichoke marking


Above and Below...Rare Gilt Decorated Artichoke Breakfast Service First Period Marking to Base with full set shown below.

E Bay seller Gordon 365

Artichoke Breakfast set 1st black





Cottage Condiment Set

Very rare 'Irish Cottages' condiment set and tray e bay seller auctionittoday3
Lily DishLily Dish Mark
Unique 'Lily Pattern' shallow handled plate. Previously unseen, not in any catalogues or previous literature. 2nd Black marking
Lace Pattern Tea Pot Low Celtic Cup and Saucer
Lace Tea Pot,tiny spout nick 2nd Black$810.10 EBay seller: saphiremtn

Unusual colourway low Celtic cup and saucer 3rd Black
Painted Shamrock Blank
Rare Pattern X ebay seller Abcol

Rare Daisy Styled decoration to Shamrock blank.

5 o'clock tea set
Celtic Influence to this Ring Handle Cup and Saucer Five O'Clock Set Gilt Detail
Hexagon Set with Rare Oval Tray Thorn Gold Period Cup
Neptune Teapot in Rare Butterscotch Colourway Second Black Plate with litho decoration of Blueboy, Green Mark
Tiffany Mark in detail
Tiffany marking to Tridacna Tea Pot
Tridacna set with Tiffany New York 2nd Mark

Above .....Perhaps not the rarest of tea sets, but perhaps the most complete set of rare gilt trimmed 2nd Period 'Tiffany New York' Black Marked Tridacna with tray. Our thanks for use of images from E Bay Seller Century Seekers

Rope Handle Jug left and ring Handle Jug right
Thorn Cup Pattern Number 11
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