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Rare Belleek...Our Rare Belleek page has now been divided into several sections and will be updated regularly

This section is now for images from the last few years and archived into this new page.

Please scroll down to see some rare and unusually decorated Belleek Pieces.
Our sincere thanks to various ebay sellers, collectors and auction houses for allowing us to share these images with you

anchorite candleholder 1st black

rare thorn comport 1st black

From the collection of the late Mr and Mrs Harold H Rosenbaum here are two spectacular pieces sold on E Bay.

Top, 1st Period Anchorite Candleholder and below,1st Black Period, Gilt detailing' Thorn Comport in colourway 'Number 42'.

Our thanks to E Bay seller jonlr for use of images

Apple Candleholder 1st Black

Celtic Vase Rope Handled Jug Painted Tulip Vase
From Left, Celtic Vase 3rd Black, Decorated Rope handled jug 1st Black Tulip Vase 2nd Black E bay seller zel1l
Piano Candlesticks Detail to Candlesticks
.Above Rare Piano Candlesticks,. 2nd Black Mark.
Extra detail shown to Piano Candlestick
Lyre Wall Bracket 1st Black Top to Lighthouse Ornament
Rare First Period Lyre Wall Pocket.
E Bay seller Beachcomber.1223
Rare top for a Belleek Lighthouse E bay seller steveheron
Double Shell Vases Thorn Ring Peg
Double Shell Vases 2nd Black Period E Bay seller piobair7. Very rare Thorn Ring Peg in colourway no 13 EBay seller Wolfgangs Attic Collectorgalleries
Victoria Shell Unrecorded Vase
Rare Victoria Shell Vase 1st period  
2nd period rare and unrecorded small vase
Acorn Trinket Box Boudoir Candleholder
Rare acorn 'bowl' and cover. First period. E bay sellercason333 Rare Boudoir Candleholder 1st Black Mark
Unrecorded Flowered Vaase Florence Pitcher
Rare Unrecorded ' third period vase' in the shape of an urn with gadrooned disk feet, 43cm high.

Sale through Adam's Salerooms Dublin Sold for €3000

Unusual Florence Pitcher sold recently featured cherubs in each side panel and fine blue and gilt detailing
E bay seller lp448 for use of these images.
Shell Dish  

First Period Shell Dish E bay seller.. rockin7734

First Period Mark

Menu Tablet 1st Black Mark

Rare Menu holder 1st Black Mark

Rare Sphinx Napkin Holder 1st Black

Lizard Vaase Rose Vase Celtic Vase
Ribbon Vase 3rd period, 1st Period Amphora Vase Ebay seller Zel 1 and 3rd Period Celtic Vase

very unusual green finish with gilt to inside on small 'belgravia milk'jug Ring Handle with unusual decoration possibly 3rd Black
Scenes of Ireland, Eugene Sheerin 'On The Erne' 2nd Black Mark Scenes of Ireland, Eugene Sheerin Near Lapula on the Erne'


more items to be added over the coming months last updated December 2011


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