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Rare Belleek...Our Rare Belleek page has now been divided into several themed sections and will be updated regularly

This section is now for Earthenware pieces from the last few years and archived into this new page.

Please scroll down to see some rare and unusually decorated Belleek Pieces.
Our sincere thanks to various ebay sellers, collectors and auction houses for allowing us to share these images with you

Tea Pot TrivetTea Pot Trivet

Two rare Earthenware Trivets both First Period

draining tray

Earthenware Draining tray, 1st Period. E Bay seller andre_ and _veronika

Small Earthenware Plate

Earthenware Plate measuring 4 inches First Black Period

irish free army plate

Earthenware Bread Plate with Irish Free State Army Crest. Further examples Tureen below, cups and milk jug have been discovered

Irish Free Army Tureen

Earthenware Tureen with Irish Free State Army Crest. E Bay seller Kilcooley_Pottery '2nd black mark'

knockninny plate

Rare 'Knockninny Hotel' plate, 1st Black Mark ..more on this plate in our Newletter issue number 30/3 available HERE

wall plaque bird decoration

Extremely rare decorated Large Wall Plaque. E Bay seller Xander34. This is the second example to emerge. The first was featured in an early copy of the Belleek Collector Magazine. Also shown along with the Bird Plaque in the Belleek Collector is a wall plaque of a young girl attributed along with that version of the 'Bird Plaque' to Eugene Sheerin by the National Museum and we understand part of their collection.

Wall Plaque Wall Plaques
Wall Plaque Detail Wall Plaque Detail

Above... Images from the 1982 Belleek Collector and then views in detail from the wall plaque shown above

2nd black period decorated potty

Second Black Mark Earhernware 'Potty' shown below with gilt detailing and flowered panels to each side with Swans and flowered decoration.Our thanks to ebay seller lol.0784

Wall Plaque

Above...Robin depicted on Earthenware Plaque First Period painted in a more traditional style

wall plaque..heron 1st black

Earthenware Wall Plaque..the third to be sold recently on Ebay. seller vintageandcountryinteriors

melvin ware  plate

Melvin Ware Dinner Plate

salt glaze piece

1st period mark in green

Very Rare example of Salt Glaze Belleek with very early First Period Mark. E Bay seller 4168andrea


Earthenware Ecumenical Plate 1st period Detail to plate
Above and Right, Rare Earthenware plate with religious mitre motif, 1st period Ebay seller mcstra7 Below left and right, rare Masonic Plate, 1st period E Bay seller londonantiques
Masonic Symbols Masonic Plate First Period
Appletop Water Jug 1st Black
Previously unseen Earthenware Mug with Belleek Trademark and shamrock detail in blue. 1st period mark, e bay seller diedre 4518 Appletop Pattern large water pitcher 1st Black Period, E Bay Seller 'saragoudasa' third right above
First Period Potty with Swan Decoration Milk pitcher jug 1st black
Swans and flowered decoration to Potty.2nd Black Mark ebay seller lol.0784 Second Black Mark to base of this unusual Earthenware Jug
ebay seller Bramblesauctions
Leinster Platter 1st Mark earthenware gravy boat
Rare Coloured Leinster platter, 1st period Ebay seller mcstra7 Rare Gravy Boat and Undertray 1st Black ebay seller mcstra7
    Above...Rare Earthenware Milk Jug Pitcher, Crest for Clare Militia 1894
    Our thanks to ebay seller blubberlover for use of images
Rare Egyptian Symbol/Decoration to Candlestick 1st period E Bay Seller RobertChristieAntiques Single Classical Greek decorated Earthenware Candle Stick
ebay seller jonlr
Thorn Plate
Marble Effect Pitcher
Rare Melvin Ware Celtic Pattern Marble Decoration to Pitcher First Black Mark
Marble Pitcher and Bowl
Marble Picher and Bowl First Black Mark  
Heath Pattern Side Plate First Black Period Killyfargue Bread Plate
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