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Rare Belleek...Our Rare Belleek page has now been divided into various sections and will be updated regularly

This section is now for images from the last few years and archived into this new page.

Please scroll down to see some rare and unusually decorated Belleek Pieces.
Our sincere thanks to various ebay sellers, collectors and auction houses for allowing us to share these images with you


Cork 1902

Above... This Cork Exhibition 1902 Cleary Mug turned up recently on E Bay.. Our thanks for use of image from Seller Dommie555

Scroll Top Vase Small 'Belgravia Shape' jug
Rare 'Scrolled Vase' 2nd Black, Francis Kiddle collection Small Jug, 2nd Black, Portrush , Francis Kiddle collection
Shell Toy Jug Double Handled Churn
Toy Shell Jug,City of Dublin, 2nd Black, Francis Kiddle collection
Twin Handled Churn, Belfast, 2nd Black, Francis Kiddle collection
Kettle Vase
Handled Kettle Enniscorthy, 2nd Black, Francis Kiddle collection Vase, Killarney, 2nd Black, Francis Kiddle collection
Toy Shell 1st Black 1st period mark to crested piece
Very Rare 1st black period Shell Toy Jug found in a cardboard box at a farm in Co Tyrone 1st Period Mark to base, E Bay Seller'abbcann1
Kilkenny Cup and Saucer Cup in detail
Rare Armorial Crested Killarney 'Heart' cup and saucer2nd black period Our thanks to John Shaw for images
Neptune Ayr Crest Londonderry Crest to Mug
Above..Ayr Crested Neptune 2nd Black, Below..rare Southend Crest to Jug Francis Kiddle collection Below..'Scroll Topped' Armorial vase rare crest for Newtonards, 2nd black Mark. E Bay seller ian47re.Above.Rare Mug 'Londonderry' 2nd Black Mark. Ann Ewing collection
Southend Crest Newtonards Crest

Rare Lily Vase below with crest for Belfast E Bay Seller 'Wagpuss'Lily Spill

2nd Black Mark Robinson and Cleaver marking

Rock Spill VaseShell Vase 2nd Black

Arms for Burns E Bay seller chivas1nh





    Commemorative Pieces
    1978 Commemorative plate plate in detail
    Rare prototype 1978 plate to commemorate QE2 1953-1978 .E Bay seller 'Coronationware'
    Killefargue Plate Whyte and Son jug
    Rare First Black Period 'Killefargue' plate. Our thanks to ebay seller chevy355 Jug 'Whyte and Sons', Dublin. 1st Black Mark. E Bay Seller jackson12hole
    Ballmaclinton McKinleys Cottage Ballymaclinton decal in detail
    Skillet Pot with interior of Mc Kinley's Cottage, Ballymaclinton. 2nd Black Period Detail to Ballymaclinton Pot
    Wesley marking John Wesley

    Here is a re-issue of John Wesley bust above and right for 2003 TercentenaryLimited Edition total edition number not advised.

    Ebay Seller'Harrisonhobbles'

    more items to be added over the coming months last updated December 2011  



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