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Belleek Marks.

Various marks have been used by Belleek over the years since the pottery was founded in 1857. One of the earliest was a circular band (see image below) with the wording 'Belleek Enniskillen'. This was followed by the more familiar combination of Wolfhound Harp and Roundtower which have been the core features of the factory logo still used today.

Below is a gallery showing variations to the first 'Black Mark' using various alternative colours and designs. This is probably one of the most interesting periods as there were so many alternatives in use. To navigate to a different period, please click on links left.

Early Trivet with circular Belleek Enniskillen marking Belleek Enniskillen Mark

Echinus Sugar Bowl with markings

Grass Tea Ware lid with tea making instructions

From top, First mark, Belleek Enniskillen followed by a view of Echinus Sugar with usual first period mark and Registration Mark then tea pot lid from first period which often comes with First Black Mark and tea making instructions




Hotel compton First Period pattern 38
First Period Mark with banner. Hotel Compton Liverpool First Period Mark with numbering used on patterns such as Thorn to denote colourway

First Period John Mortlock Oxford Street London


Whyte and Co mark Whyte and Co mark

First Period Registration Marking with description Dejune Tray for Artichoke Pattern

First Period Whyte and Co Marlborough Street Dublin

First Period Whyte and Co Marlborough Street Dublin Ireland in Black


Impressed First Mark

First Period Impressed Mark used mainly on Thorn Pattern
with Impressed Registration Lozenge

John mortlock Mark Blue First Mark

First Period Registration Marking for Echinus pattern

John Mortlock Oxford Street London' not included within Belleek 'logo

First Period Mark in Blue found with markings shown left

Shown Above...First Period Mark with registration lozenge and seperate John Mortlock Retailer mark (see above second row for alternative version) recently discovered on Echinus Plate. Our thanks to ebay seller furniture gal for use of these images


First Period Mark in Brown
Wonderful detail to this First Mark in Brown
Belleek First Period Fumaria Pattern Mark
Earthenware Marks can also include the pattern name in the banner as can be seen with this 'Fumaria' platter mark. Below is an ornate example of a Traders Name being applied along with the Belleek logo. Image below has been taken from Belleek Engraving Archives.Tto date, no example of Belleek has been discovered with this particular mark.
  Belleek John Nagle mark  
Belleek logo unfinished
Above. Green First Mark to known Belleek Pattern but with unfinished detail to mark
Belleek Leinster Pattern First Period
Above. Another example of First Mark with Pattern Name this time 'Leinster'
Thorn pattern marking
Above. Impressed First Mark version with Thorn Pattern name and number
First Period Black Mark with Pattern Name in Banner
Green First Period Mark
First Period Mark in Green on Salt Glaze Pot. Note the fine detail to this mark









Red First Period Mark quite often seen on Bone China Pieces
First Period Mark with both Pattern and Registration Numbers

First Period Mark in Puce with pattern number

Special 'Potters Mark'
Described as a 'Potters Mark' this impressed marking can be found on a limited number of Belleek patterns





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