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From 1946 the Belleek Trademark colour changed to Green which remained until 1980 when the Gold Period was established. A year earlier, the Belleek Collectors Society was formed and a special Red Collectors Mark was developed for exclusive use on pieces issued to members of the society. The 'Red'mark too, evolved over the years. Returning to 'Normal' Belleek marks, Blue was introduced in 1992 and used up until 2000 when black was re-introduced solely for the millenium year. A different version of Green was re-introduced in 2001 up until 2006 when a special mark celebrating 150 years of Belleek was introduced for 2007. In January 2008, Brown was introduced. There has been a vast selection of variations to the marks used in the post-war years and we show below quite a small representation of these. We will add to this gallery in due course.

1957 Commemorative Mark
Above 1957 Green Mark from Commemorative Centenary Covered Mask Bowl with limited edition number


Gold Mark Foyle Hospice
New Brown Mark Arran Collection
Pattern Name simialar to First Period but found on the very latest parian Arran Collection introduced in 2012






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