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Belleek Melvin Ware Mark 2012


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Belleek continued to produce earthenware but is generally acknowledged to have ceased production with the installation of electric kilns in the Forties when production swapped exclusively to Parian. The last known actual Belleek marking used on earthenware was up to the end of the second period. We believe that the Melvin Ware mark was introduced to co-incide with the start of the third black period in 1926 and is reserved exclusively for Earthenware production.. We are certain that the mark was in use in the mid 1930's. Unfortunately, very few records exist from the pottery archives for this period of Belleek production. Unsure also as to why the change away from Belleek to use of the Melvin Ware mark.

Melvin Mark in blue

Melvin Ware mark in blue.


Usual Melvin Mark Ware Period Melvin Mark
Melvin ware mark in more usual black left and right black with A within circle. This mark used during WW2 to denote quality of the earthenware used in manufacturing process





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