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October 2011 Rare Belleek Painted Archived Images



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Rare Belleek...Our Rare Belleek page has now been divided into two sections and will be updated regularly

This section is now for images from the last few years and archived into this new page.

Please scroll down to see some rare and unusually decorated Belleek Pieces.
Our sincere thanks to various ebay sellers, collectors and auction houses for allowing us to share these images with you

Painted plates 1st period

From an auction at EJ Aunger Pty, Australia, part of a painted 'Scenes of Ireland' 1st period dessert set above and below

Hand Painted detail





Above detail to Limoges style painted ring handle saucer  
Mallard Decoration Star dish 3rd Black Pheasant plate Blue Mark
Rare Mallard decoration to Star Dish, painting attributed to Cyril Arnold, 3rd period E Bay Seller 'belleekboy' From the Marion Langham 'Game Bird Series' Shamrock blank decorated with Red Grouse, painted by retired ex-Worcester painter, Bryan cox. Blue period
Scenes of Ireland by Cyril Arnold Scenes of Ireland by Cyril Arnold
Scenes of Ireland by Cyril Arnold Scenes of Ireland by Cyril Arnold
Rare Five 'Scenes of Ireland' hand painted by Cyril Arnold, past Manager and painter at Belleek. plates marked Bundoran China examples E Bay Seller 'claireted' Rare Wall plaque Below.... 1st period reverse signed 'In The Sunshine painted by Georgina Cunningham April 1879 Thanks to auctioneers Andrew Whatley for image
Scenes of Ireland by Cyril Arnold Wall Plaque


Bird Nest Cup in detail Bird Nest saucer in detail

Belleek 1st Period Ring Handle 'Bird Nest Decoration'

Decoration in greater detail above
Belleek Trade Mark Plate Belleek Bridge

Our thanks to the 'E C Murphy Collection for use of image above

Rare first period fully painted 'Trademark plate

Please click on link below to visit site

The EC Murphy Collection

Belleek Bridge info




Items painted by Eugene Sheerin below  
Purple Mountain by Eugene Sheerin James Cleary by Eugene Sheerin
Hand painted Eugene Sheerin plate 'Purple Mountain' Killarney
our thanks to Quinn's and Waverelys Auctioneers
Hand painted Eugene Sheerin large platter of James Cleary, Pottery Manager 1884 to 1990. Thanks to Fergus Cleary Head of Belleek design for image
Gap of Dunloe by Eugene Sheerin Lapula on the Erne
Eugene Sheerin 'Scenes of Ireland' Gap of Dunloe 2nd Black Period Near Lapula on the River Erne
Ring Handle Cup and Saucer 'On the Erne'  
Hand painted Belleek Sepia Wall Plaque, scene of Belleek Bridge  
Brickeen Bridge by Eugene Sheerin  
Eugene Sheerin 'Scenes of Ireland' Brickeen Bridge 2nd Black Period  




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