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 Convention 2011 Chicago

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Chicago O'Hare Doubletrees

Chicago O'Hare Doubletrees,Rosemont, base for the 2011 Belleek International Convention

Toasting the Convention
From left, Patricia McCauley Pottery Centre Manager, Johannah Purdon, Trevor Rankin (NI Group), Bev Marvell(UK) and standing left, George Moore, Pottery owner with Patrick Tubb (UK Group),.
Deep in Conversation Deep in Conversation
Paul Norman and Linda Murphy enjoying their evening and Right Master of Ceremonies, Don Campbell deep in conversation,
Lunch Buffet City at Night
As usual a major feature of Belleek conventions, good food
Weber Irish Dance Troup
The Weber Irish Dance Troup entertaining convention attendees



UK Group and friends at the convention
UK and Northern Ireland Group members at the Convention Gala Banquet
George and Angela Moore
George and Angela Moore at the Convention
Dean Bagnall, Auctioneer
Dean Bagnall, as usual, our entertaining auctioneer for the convention extracted plenty of money on the day 'was that a $1000 bid I heard there'?


  One Off Plate
...Each convention attendee received a commemorative convention plate. This one-of-a-kind painted plate was auctioned to the highest bidder l

UK Group and friends at the Convention

Belleek Honoree for 2011/2012 with Helen Rankin BCIS Honoree 2007 and Angela Moore President BCIS

Dean Bagnall throws in his tie to seek bids for another Belleek lot

Eileen O'Neill with her interesting display of Belleek

Bev Marvell centre with Katherine Gaertner and Sandy Rowlands with their display of Belleek for sale brought by Sandy and Katherine

Paul and Glenda Norman enjoying free time in the city

Eddie and Linda Murphy also enjoying some free time

Chicago City Quarter reflected through mirrored windows











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