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For Belleek Collectors across the world, 1993 was a very special year as the very first International Convention was held on the 5th and 6th of February 1993 at the Burbank Hilton Hotel Los Angeles. This first event was hosted by the Los Angeles Chapter. UK members making the journey to Burbank were Marion, Lady Langhan, Roy and Rose Hollihead, Christine and Peter McCormack Ruth Prior &Jan Golsazewski


Above...Group photo of Convention Attendees. Were you there?


The 1993 Convention commenced at 3.00 on Friday 5th February with registration. Time between to relax and meet other atendees to the first convention. Dinner was served at 7.00 with Evelyn Twiss, 1992 Hall of Fame Honoree presiding. Speakers that evening included Marion, Lady Langham,(1994 honoree) and Patricia McCauley from the pottery with the latest news from County Fermanagh.

On Saturday, events got off to any early start at 9.00 with Angela Moore, President of the Collectors Society discussing topics of interest, the forthcoming 1993 Ireland Tour and finishing with a Chapter Groups questions and answers session. Gene Krach 1991 Honoree then entertained with an informative slide show presentation. There was a dealers display in the Hollywood and Glendale rooms as well as Swap Boards, Special Belleek Exhibition and a lecture on the restoration of Belleek by Andrew A Owen director and founder of Phoenix Restoration in the Pasadena room.

Sunday's events included lunch presided over by Don Clinton, 1990 Honoree. After lunch, George Moore Owner and CEO of the Belleek pottery addressed the convention. The theme of his speech was "Where we are and where we're going". Later that afternoon, Richard Degenhardt presented a talk on "Belleek through the Years". Later that evening everyone gathered for a Gala Dinner Dance with music from Des Regan and his Irish Band. All too soon the evening came to a close with the official closing of the convention at 11.00pm.

The convention committee was formed from the Los Angeles Chapter, Evelyn Twiss, President, Dr Irwin Steinberg, vive President, Pat Busk, Secretary, Charles Oster, Treasurer, Margaret Thompson Hospitality. They were ably helped by Margaret Adam, Kay Brotsis,Evelyn Clark, Betty Clinton, Don Clinton, Andy Oster, Maxine Steinberg, Elizabeth Stilwell and Bill Twiss.

The convention was a huge success, setting a high standard for more wonderful gatherings over the following years. The UK Group spent a few more days in the area and were invited to visit and stay with George and Angela Moore at their home. Below, images captured directly from the convention video which unfortunately has not lasted that well over the years.


Dealers Room..Tom Dooley Delegates Speech..Dick Degenhardt
Honorees Display Dealers Room..Aaron Levine
Dealers Room..Rare Earthenware Painted Wall Plaque Delegates Speech..Jan Golaszewski UK Group
Dealers Room..Liz Stillwell Reception..George Moore Owner of Belleek Pottery
Olga Clarke introduced her sale pieces on video delegate Speech..Jan with Don Clinton LA Chapter
Sharon and Don Pickering John Shaw right
Peter Mccormack and Roy Hollihead Roy Hollihead right, commenting on the convention



  The Pottery brought along the International Centre piece

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