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Since 1993, the International Belleek Collectors Society has hosted bi-annually, an International Convention for Belleek Collectors. This page looks at the Second Belleek Convention held in North West America at Seattle, Washington State.

The convention was held at the Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza over the 16th 17th and 18th March Collectors were guaranteed a fine convention in Seattle with many events including dealers sale room, general discussions, St Patricks Day dinner and a final Gala Banquet. The 1995 convention co-incided with Seattle's St Patricks Day celebrations and included the chance for Belleek Collectors to be part of the Annual Parade through Downtown Seattle. Belleek Pottery unveiled a whole selection of new pieces exclusively available only in the States. Angela Moore was delighted this was possible as Belleek normally reserved introductions such as these for important New York gift shows. Fegus Cleary and Patricia McCauley were there representing the pottery.

1993 convention plate

Above. limited edition convention plate
display of statues and earthenware
Some of the wonderful Belleek displays. Statues and Figures left and Earthenware right
St Patricks Parade
Belleek Collectors pausing at the St Patricks Day Parade March through Seattle
St Patricks Parade
Time to change the front row. UK Group Member Charles Easthope third left helping to carry the banner
Irish Wolfhounds

Some of the Irish Wolfhounds in the parade

Hotel Venue for Convention
Here is a view of the Crowne Plaza in downtown Seattle venue for the convention
Puget Sound



Time for some sight seeing after the convention, Above....Seattle from Puget Sound

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