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Since 1993, the International Belleek Collectors Society has hosted a bi-annual convention.
The venue for our 2003 event was the Doubletree Inn at Portland Oregon.
above Convention Plate issued to each and every attendee of the 2003 Portland convention limited to 450 pieces

The 2003 convention, was hosted by the Columbia Chapter .The Convention Commitee consisted of Pat Holm, Rose Ann Ranft and Rick Bolme who along with all the chapter members were perfect hosts. Our UK Belleek Newsletter issue 25.1 has a full and detailed account of this wonderful convention. As a taster, events included a breakfast cruise on the Columbia and Williamette rivers, Dorothy Wheeler's ( San Diego Chapter) induction into the Belleek Hall of Fame, A talk on displaying your Belleek by Rhonda and Jerome Hanson. Don Cambell's presentation on Belleek Earthenware. Olga Clarge and Marion, Lady Langham presented a slide show of Rare and Unrecorded Belleek. George Moore, Pottery Owner, brought us up to speed with events at Belleek and as tradition dictates towards the end of the convention programme the convention plate mould was broken. On the final evening a Gala Banquet was held.

Right..Pat Holm with George Moore and one of two specially painted convention plates

above.. UK Group attendees...After dinner by the Willamette River Paul Pat and Patrick Tubb left, Christine and David Reynolds Right..

Here is a great selection of Don Campbell's earthenware brought along for everyone to enjoy

Above... general view of display.

Right... some candlesticks each disctinctly decorated.

Below... an extremely unusual and very rare Earthenware Thorn Toothbrush holder

Below left, Don Campbell presentation on Belleek Earthenware and right, Jerry Hanson sporting a UK Group Tee-Shirt!!


More images from the Convention

Above left...Honorees past and present and Right, Dorothy Wheeler receiving Chain of Office from Phyllis Bagnall

In the Hotel Car Park...ultimate personalised number plate on this Lincoln Continental and below on New Mexico reg'd Buick.
Above...Phyllis Bagnall unveiled her portrait to the Convention Audience. George Moore, Richard K Degenhardt,Fred Gary and Angela Moore imortalised in oil for eternity. What a talented paintress we have within the society.
Break time for coffee between lectures
Honoree Questions and Answers session
Dealer tables covered with some wonderful rare and decorated pieces for sale at the convention
Belleek Pottery also brought along a fine selection of current pieces available to buy and order from the pottery
And Finally....exceedingly rare reticulated Belleek pieces brought along for everyone to view and enjoy





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