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Belleek second mark jug

Rare Belleek....Above, First Black Black Mark Shell Jug with quite unusual floral Decoration and below Celtic Bread Plate 3rd Black Mark

Special Rose Decoration to Bird Vase 2nd Black

Rare Belleek....Very Rare Second Black Mark Hand Painted Bird Vase, one of a pair

Victoria Cup and Saucer

Above... Second Black Mark Victoria Cup and Saucer

Boy Basket Carrier 1st Black Mark

Rare Belleek....First Period Boy Basket Carrier rare to find these painted. Our thanks to ebay seller Waymore fun. More images below of further pieces from same seller

Coral Spill 2nd Black Mark unique

Above...seldom seen and quite likely one of a handful of Second Period Coral Spills ever made. Another example featured in The Belleek Collector magazine. As this was found on the West Coast, could possibly be the same one or a second example to surface.

Above...Second Period small tall lipped Armorial 'Tramore' jug

Lyre Wall Bracket 2nd black mark

Above... Second Black Mark to Lyre Wall Bracket

celtic plate

belleek 5 oclock

Above....This extremely rare 5 O'clock Pattern six place setting tea set sold at auction for £3800 plus commission. Our thanks to auctioneers Kingham and orme of Evesham for use of image.

Cup Saucer and Plate First Period

Ring Handle Cup

Above....a similar ring handle cup saucer and plate with the above roundtower wolfhound and irish flag decal sold at McAfee auctions in Ballymoney for am amazing £575 plius commission. The above set sold on ebay a few years ago now and our thanks to ebay seller aunty-qs-4sale for use of image

Rare Belleek....above Rare Mask Vase First Black Mark our thanks to ebay seller decor-arts-llc

Cleary Pattern Under plate

Cleary Under Plate Mark

Above...very unusual underplate in what looks to be Cleary Pattern. Possbly an underplate to accompany a Muffin Dish lid. First Black Mark period. Our thanks to ebay seller ebay seller caryoun-4

Horse and Snake Figure

Horse and Snake Third Mark

Above. More Rare Belleek. Third Black Period 'Horse and Snake'.
These were produced through the years in strictly limited numbers. This example was put to ebay auction very recently by seller taylorantiques in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

Rare Belleek....Above, this interesting Man and Puppies sold during November 2019 on ebay our thanks to seller decor-arts-llc for use of image

elvis presley ashtray

Rare Belleek....Above. Spotted during the summer, I suppose you could say we 'were all shook up' by this Elvis Presley Lattice Ashtray,
which is a real rarity. Marked and made during the third green period
, was this issued in 1977 when Elvis died, or was it a special later
commission? The ashtray has never appeared before nor been mention in any publication. A real rarity.


Leinster Vase Leinster Vase


Above. Extremely Rare Leinster Triple Vase from the Third Black Period. Our thanks to e bay seller Simdodestatefinds for use of images.

Lily Wall Bracket

Above... Lily Wall Bracket First Period and below Prince of Wales Centrepiece First Period

Prince of Wales Centrepiece Comport


Rare Belleek.... Highly Decorated Belleek Trademark plate. First Black Mark Period. Our thanks to the EC Murphy Collection for use of image.

Painted Daisy pattern on Shamrock Bread Plate Third Mark

Rare Belleek....Above. Extremely Rare Decoration to Shamrock Bread Plate. Rarely seem decoration way with hand painted daisy/silver frimming. Third Black Mark. Below, this interesting raised flower decorated version of the Shamrock pierced vase sold during 2018for £600 plus commission. A 'one off' piece. Our thanks to Greenslade Taylor Hunt auctioneers, Taunton for use of image.


Reticulated Pierced bowl and Cover

ABOVE... Rare Reticulated Lined Urn Bowl and Cover First Black Period our thanks to Eldreds Auctioneers Plymouth for use of image

Ring Handle Bread Plate

Ring Handle Bread Plate with forget me not type flowered decoration. First Period Mark to base and pattern number 298. Our thanks to ebay seller Mildred Jessie

A Rare Find. Highly Decorated Amphora Vase. First Black Mark Period. Our thanks to ebay seller fineestatesf for use of image.





Typha Jug
Typha Jug
First Black Mark

Rare Typha Jug with Lustred Grass Reeds first Black Period E Bay Seller Goodstuff 43




























Neptune Cup and Saucer, highly decorated.


Above. Left Second Black Mark highly decorated Neptune Cup Saucer and Plate with Second Period Marks to reverse.

Our thanks to ebay seller Sirmioni for use of image. Likely decorated outside the factory, pink wash showing.

Above Right. Tall Ring Handle Vase with Deco Decoration Second Black Mark Period


Above...Rare Cherub Comport with chocolate detailing Rare to find with original bowl

Painted Plate by Eugene Sheerin

Greek Pierced Plate 'Gap of Dunloe' painted by Eugene Sheerin Second Black Mark

Ring Handle Cup

Decoration to cup

Cup Saucer and Plate First Period

Rare First Black Mark Ring Handle Cup and Saucer, Special Thanks to ebay seller Aunty_qs_4 sales

Shamrock Square Side Plates 3rd Black Period

Above. Rare Art Deco Inspired 'Square' Tea Plates decorated with hand painted shamrocks with Third Black Period Marks to base. Our thanks to E Bay seller Tommysdad.

Rare Belleek Fan Tray Second Black Mark

Fan Dejeuner Tray for a Fan Tea Service. A very hard to find item to find these days. Second Black Mark. Our thanks to ebay seller amphora_art_ antiques.

Belleek Lobster crest ich dien first period

Rare First Period Lobster with rare 'Ich dien' crest...our thanks to Golding Young Grantham for use of image

Lined Pot Pourri

Rare First Black Mark Parian Covered Pot Pourri bowl with liner previously unseen. First Black Mark
Our thanks to Steven Davis Australia for use of imagesn.

Very Rare Bitterne Comport with Gilt Detail 1st Black Mark. Sold recently at Susanin's Auctions Chicago

"Photo featured with thanks from Susanin's Auctions -".

Shamrock Second Period

This unusual and previously unseen Shamrock Spill and Flower Holder sold at Susanin's Chicago recently

"Photo featured with thanks from Susanin's Auctions -".

This unusual and previously unseen Covered Dish sold at Susanin's Chicago recently
First Black Period mark to base and to inside of lid

"Photo featured with thanks from Susanin's Auctions -".

Above. A Centenary Limited Edition 'Masonic' plate commissioned by the Lodge of Research Dublin.
Our thanks to the Lodge and Belleek Pottery for use of image. Was made available to collectors in limited numbers

Rare Woven Wall Bracket

One half of twin woven flowered Wall Bracket. This is the Left Side. First Black Mark



Glenarm Crest to Crinkle Pot Second Black Mark

Imperial Centrepiece base

Above Rare and extremely delicate Imperial Centrepiece 2nd Black Mark Image courtesy of e bay seller Surri_b

Rare FloweredTazza on Pedestal Centre First Black Period Recent additon to Eddie and Linda Murphy's collection




Extremely rare Honeysuckle Vase, one of two recently sold on Ebay Our thanks for use of images from seller ''sherbertmedia'

Above... This Cork Exhibition 1902 Cleary Mug turned up recently on E Bay.. Our thanks for use of image from Seller Dommie555


Above and Below...Perhaps not the rarest of tea sets, but perhaps the most complete set of rare gilt trimmed 2nd Period 'Tiffany New York' Black Marked Tridacna with tray. Our thanks for use of images from E Bay Seller Century Seekers



First Period Lily Flower Basket

From ebay, unusually decorated First Period Lily Basket... below. Our thanks for use of image from E Bay Seller Imperyus



Double Flowerede Mirror by Cyril Arnold

This Rare Flowered Doube Frame below for sale from E Bay Seller ecgroup, was owned by past Belleek Pottery ManagerCyril Arnold and creation of this special piece is dated to 1946. The Flowered Frame has been mounted inside a wooden glass fronted frame to keep in superb condition










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