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From the formation of the UK Belleek Group in 1988, the history of the pottery and the wares produced at Belleek have always been at times a matter of guess work and conjecture. Over the past 23 years though, The UK Group has been steadily piecing together the history of the people, wares and pottery premises. Very little remains of early records other than catalogues diaries and photographs. We have a network of collectors who are dedicated to finding out as much as they can about various aspects of life at Belleek and its' workers since formation in 1857 and the first incarnation of the pottery under the title of David McBirney and Co. Thanks to the dedication of the workers and management at Belleek over the last century and a half there is still a thriving business based in County Fermanagh exporting Belleek Parian China to the 'four corners of the world'.

This section of our web site helps to unlock some of the mysteries of the Pottery at Belleek.

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Aerial View of Pottery
Kilns at Belleek pottery
Clearys Bar Main Street Belleek
Images from top, aerial view of Belleek from Loch Erne direction. Pottery Kilns and Cleary's Bar Main St Belleek


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